Optical Fiber planning and design                                                                                                        Equipement Installation And Commissioning

Optical Fiber planning and design service.                                                                                                              RAN equipment (GSM2G/3G, LTE, CDMA, etc.)

Detail Survey for Fiber Cable Route, Civil Work Survey and Technical Site Drawing.                                                   In-Building Systems

Bill of Material as per selected technology.                                                                                                             Small Cell Systems (WiFi, Picocell, etc.)

Advisory services to select the technology / vendor as per requirement’s.                                                                  Microwave Equipment

Civil Works for Fiber Ducts                                                                                                                   Field Services

Pipe Laying (PVC, Galvanize, Flexible & Bend Pipe).                                                                                               Cabinet Placement & Relocation

Construction of Man Holes, Hand Holes & Joint Boxes.                                                                                           Battery Installation

Concrete Breaking and Re-Instatement, Road Crossing & Bridge Crossing.                                                                3G/LTE Carrier Additions and Upgrades

Optical Fiber cable pulling and installations                                                                                     Microwave

In door fiber pulling and installations, Outdoor fiber pulling and installations.                                                                Coaxial and Fiber (Hybrid) Cabling, Panel Antenna, RRU

Optical Fiber installation and Splicing                                                                                                Backhaul Services

Cabinet ,Patch Panels & ODF/MDF Termination, Optical Fiber Cable Installation                                                        Microwave base equipment installation

As-Built Designs                                                                                                                                                 Optical Fiber

Optical Fiber Testing and commission

Optical Fiber Link Testing and Commissioning

OTDR Testing

Optical Fiber Infrastructure Maintenance

EKON will provide the service for the preventive and corrective maintenance is carried out as defined by the SLA.